What makes us different?

While we believe that every student can achieve, not every student should have college as their goal. We know that may be a controversial statement. Though while students are all created equally, not every student may “fit” the college mold. Some students may have entrepreneurial designs, vocational goals or a desire to serve in the military as their career. No two students are alike and each comes with his or her own abilities, talents and learning styles. Just as an education shouldn’t look the same for every student, why should life goals be any different? We provide educational options and opportunities for students to achieve their full potential based on who the student is – rather than whom we think he or she should be.

The Advantages of Individualized Curriculum

Most traditional schools rely on curriculum and lesson plans that emphasize teaching students as a class. These schools simply are not able to logistically provide each student the personalized education he or she needs to reach their full potential. This is due to the fact that the traditional classroom approach to education doesn’t take into account factors such as:

  • The differences in how each student learns
  • Each student’s individual skills and aptitude
  • The speed at which each student learns

As a result, while this one-size-fits-all approach to education may work for some, it’s unable to meet the needs of every student. Students who learn at a different rate than their classmates often experience difficulties that can negatively impact their educational experience, preventing them from reaching their full potential.

Innovative Online Curriculum for Personalized Learning

One of the primary components of our educational programs is that we offer multiple curriculum options for our students. Both curriculums were developed after decades of in-depth research on education and how students learn. We use these innovative curriculums to customize each student’s learning plan to meet his or her specific educational needs and interests. Students are able to learn in a manner that works best for them, improving learning comprehension and retention, while also helping to make learning a more positive experience for students, teachers, and parents. In addition to the online curriculum, ColoradoEd schools utilize a variety of hands-on instructional materials including textbooks, workbooks, DVDs, CDs and more in order to provide every student with a comprehensive learning experience.

ColoradoEd schools offer curriculum on several distinct levels, which can be customized to meet the specific needs of each student. These include:

Once a student has successfully completed and mastered all course content at one of ColoradoEd’s schools, he or she can earn a diploma through the high school and the Byers School District 32-J. This diploma meets or exceeds all state and federal educational requirements. Our schools also provide high school students access to a highly knowledgeable staff of career and college prep advisors to aid them with their post-secondary plans. As a result, your child is free to pursue higher education, a vocation or the military without the difficulty or aggravation experienced by graduates of other online programs.