ColoradoEd is a family of tuition-free, online public charter schools focused on helping students reach their full potential – one student at a time. Every student should have the opportunity for a bright future. However, no two students are alike. Each student comes with his or her own abilities, talents and learning styles. So why should education look the same for all students? At ColoradoEd, we don’t believe it should. We provide educational options and opportunities that allow students to achieve their full potential based on who the student is – rather than whom we think they should be.

We think you would agree that no two students are alike. Students come with their own abilities, talents, and learning styles. Does it wear you down to teach as though one learning style fits all? If so, maybe it is time to move to an innovative school that is pushing the boundaries of learning. Much like we don’t believe any two students are alike, we don’t believe any two educators are alike. Each has their own unique skills, abilities, and teaching style. Our job is to unleash you as an educator so you can do what you do best… teach.
ColoradoEd is dedicated to the proposition that students should have the opportunity to reach their full potential. Using technology-infused education, ColoradoEd educators are unleashed to create personalized pathways to success for our students. Through a supportive, encouraging, innovative, and adaptive environment, we focus on student success, providing hope and innovative education change – one student at a time.If you are looking for the traditional school setting, the truth is, we aren’t for you. However, if you are looking to do things a different way, and are motivated by the thought of navigating the new frontier of virtual education, let’s talk!

We will focus on the needs of our students. We will be innovative in our thinking, radical in our practice, and fervent in our focus that every student has the ability to learn. Using technology infused educational practices; we will unleash our educators to create innovative educational pathways that lead to success—providing students a world-class education, opportunity, and hope.
We serve students by providing an innovative personalized learning environment infused with technology where students develop 21st century skills, are academically successful, and develop into lifelong learners.
At ColoradoEd we understand the importance of offering a comprehensive, competitive compensation package in order to attract the best of the best. As such, our benefits package includes:
  • Medical Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Life Insurance/Accidental Death & Dismemberment
  • PTO
  • Fitness Club Membership
  • Disability Plans
  • Participation in Colorado Public Employees’ Retirement Association (PERA)