Our Vision

We will focus on the needs of our students. We will be innovative in our thinking, radical in our practice, and fervent in our focus that every student has the ability to learn. Using technology infused educational practices, we will unleash our educators to create innovative educational pathways that lead to success—providing students a world-class education, opportunity, and hope.

Our Mission

We serve students by providing an innovative, personalized learning environment infused with technology where students develop 21st century skills, are academically successful, and develop into lifelong learners.

We Agree To

Success comes through hard work and a commitment to not give up. In our partnership between students, parents, and the school, we all have responsibilities for the students’ success. Foundationally, parents are responsible for their children’s education, as a school we are committed to collaborating with parents in this process in order to fulfill our mission.

Parents/Families Agree

  • To make sure our child engages in school every day
  • To always help our child in the best way we know how and do what it takes to help them achieve
  • To check our child’s homework and progress regularly
  • To make ourselves available to our child and the school to address any concerns they might have
  • To notify the school as soon as possible if our child is going to miss school

Students’ Agree

  • To work hard, think, cooperate, and do whatever it takes to learn
  • To complete their work on time and to ask if they do not understand
  • To be responsible for their own behavior and their own learning success
  • To be respectful to their friends, their learning coach, their teachers, and themselves

Staff Agree

  • To keep students at the center of every decision
  • To believe that all students can learn and achieve
  • To partner with parents
  • To build character
  • To remind students they are responsible for their own learning
  • To develop and build programs that address the wide spectrum of opportunities and academic abilities of students leading to student success

Core Principles

To our Stakeholders

  • We will keep the student at the center of every decision we make.
  • We will be results-focused and will have clearly defined expectations with measurable outcomes.
  • We will operate as good stewards of the Colorado taxpayer resources by being accountable with the resources and academic programs of our students.
  • We are committed to providing a high-quality, innovative education that will effectively prepare our students to engage in their communities, colleges, and vocation.

To our Employees

  • We are committed to empowering, supporting, and developing our professionals to use their talents and skills to effectively carry out our mission.
  • We will build a culture that encourages collaboration to keep students the central focus for learning, assessments, and interventions focused on student success.
  • We value and expect our staff to love students and have high expectations for student progress and do what it takes to help students succeed.
  • We are committed to being a “Colorado Best Workplace” environment that focuses on retention of staff through an enriching culture, professional development, continuous improvement, and competitive compensation and benefits.

To our Practices

  • We are committed to welcoming, encouraging, onboarding, and supporting parents and family members to help meet each student's educational needs as they serve as the key learning coaches in our educational model.
  • We will develop and implement innovative pedagogy and methodologies that reinforce learning success for each student.
  • We will use a variety of assessment and indicative tools to determine student placement and to program strategies that target student learning, progress, and interventions when students are not progressing.
  • We will be "systems-thinking" minded as we build our systems and services to ensure that they are customer-centric with a focus on the customer experience rather than the ease of use.
  • We will measure student progress and utilize the data to direct student-learning decisions.
  • We are committed to continuous improvement in all areas of the school to continuously strive for advancement, efficiency, and new strategies to improve the overall education of our students.